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11 of the Best Laptops for Business Purposes

Did you know that the first laptop was designed in 1979? It was used for NASA’s space shuttle program. 

Nowadays, laptops are the norm, and if you’re looking for the best laptops for business (space-related and others), you have arrived at the right place. Keep reading to find the best work laptop for you! 

What Are the Best Laptops for Business?

Best laptop

Whether you need a laptop as soon as possible or you’re planning because you know when to replace a laptop, any and all of these choices are sure to meet your needs. 

1. Rolling in the Deep

A Dell (pun intended) Latitude 7285 is a great choice for a business laptop coming in at around $1,200. In terms of size, the laptop screen is about 12 inches. 

This laptop also comes with three choices of compatible keyboards, so you get some options for whatever is most comfortable for you. This laptop offers four ports as well: two for USB, one for a micro SD card, and one for headphones. 

2. The Apple of Your Eye

The Apple Macbook Pro 16-inch is definitely a pricier buy. These cost around $2,400 a piece and will definitely deliver when it comes to performance.

If you’re a die-hard Apple user, this laptop will make for a great business use option for you. They also offer a variety of ports as well as a Touch bar and Touch ID, bringing a sleek and modern aesthetic into your workspace. 

You can also trade in an old Apple computer or laptop to earn a discount on this one, saving both your money and the environment!

3. Carb-on Loading

While athletes carb load to get energy for a big game, you can prepare yourself for the game that is work and business. The Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon is one of the best work laptop choices out there. 

This laptop is around $2,000 and has a battery life of 15.5 hours all in a thin, dextrous, and portable exterior. 

4. Airtime

The Macbook Air knocks off a significant amount of cash in comparison to the Macbook Pro. This laptop costs around $1000 and is smaller and thinner than it’s Pro counterpart. 

However, with the newer Apple laptop products you do have the new Thunderbolt ports rather than USB. This of course is part of the Apple brand, so if you’re committed to using Apple products then these adjustments should be easy to make. 

5. Dell-lightful 

The Dell XPS 15 comes in at around $1,550. This laptop’s screen measures in at 15.6″ and stands out in its graphic quality. 

The Dell XPS 15 can contain anything from crisp and particular graphics to a beautiful general display. Paired with a secure and reliable battery life and you get a computer that can handle simple work assignments as well as more extensive and more intense projects. 

One thing’s for sure: this laptop is a contender in the room. 

6. The More the Merrier

HP Elitebook offers more than just laptop perks, and you know what they say, “the more the merrier!” 

This laptop costs about $1,560 and comes with pen-enabling, meaning it can double to an extent as a tablet. You can flip the keyboard down to turn this laptop into a tablet and write down notes or create some boredom doodles on your public transport commute. 

Another fun perk with this option is a SureView mode, offering privacy for you to view your screen without worrying about onlookers. 

7. Beneath the Surface

Digging beneath the surface with the Surface Book provides you with a great work laptop choice. These computers come in at around $1,400 and also can detach and become a tablet.

This laptop offers great trackpad performance, touch display, as well as a stylus as part of the bundle. It also has a hinge that allows you to prop it up if you want to use the screen as a tablet. 

8. Namaste

Take a deep breath and relaxing time with the Lenovo Yoga. This convertible laptop costs about $1,650 and is made of aluminum and magnesium in comparison to the classic carbon black ThinkPads.  

This is also one of the military-tested durable laptops that will keep you feeling study and supported while operating on a lightweight, thin, and efficient vehicle. 

9. Saving Space

The HP ZBook Studio saves you space because it has all of the powerhouse abilities you would get from a whole desktop setup in laptop form. This laptop comes in at around $1,800 for all that it offers you. 

This laptop shines in projects and tasks within the realm of visualization. Whether you’re editing high-quality video, working with graphic design, or inventing the next biggest tool with a 3D model, this laptop has you covered. 

10. Outside the Box

The Asus Chromebook Flip offers a battery life outside any laptop you’ve used before. This $1,700 tool can last you almost 17 hours without charging. 

If you need to power through a project you can count on this computer to get you through it. While it’s delivered mixed performance when it comes to the trackpad and keyboard, this laptop option is still a solid contender for your first or next choice in work laptop. 

11. Something New

If you’re looking to spread your horizon with your choice of laptop, it might be a good idea to consider the Huawei MateBook X Pro. Huawei may not be the first thing that you think about when it comes to laptops, but you shouldn’t be ruling it out!

This laptop will cost around $1,650 and is lightweight with a sleek design. Its webcam is pretty average and it doesn’t have an SD card slot, but it makes up in its design, display, and battery life. 

Get Back to Business

Are you ready to get back to business? Then you need one of the best laptops for business. 

Luckily, with any of the options on this list, there’s no way you can go wrong. Now, it’s all about picking the one that will be the best for your job, personality, and budget. 

So what are you waiting for? Get back on your grind with your best work laptop!

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out some of our others – and come back again soon for more content. 

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The post 11 of the Best Laptops for Business Purposes appeared first on Market World.

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