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3 Types of Barricade Tape Most Businesses Need

You might not think your company needs to invest in barricade tape when ordering safety supplies, but you’d be surprised how many businesses could benefit from having handy tools that help block customers and employees alike from encountering hazards. Many companies associate this tape with rare circumstances like construction or criminal acts against the business, but barricade tapes are available to cover a lot of situations, and some of them are common for businesses in many different industries. Let’s check out a few you probably don’t know about yet but probably should.


1. Do Not Enter

There are a lot of reasons to close off an area, no matter what your business does. It can be because there’s a mess to clean up and you want to avoid foot traffic that might spread it. It can be because you’re moving furniture or doing other building maintenance in the area. It could even just be because employees are setting up a floor display for product that isn’t on sale for a few hours. No matter what reason you have, a taped off doorway or aisle makes a stronger statement than a single sign, because it blocks access and calls attention to itself. Variants include statements about danger or caution, but you can always just opt for a simple tape in a bright color that says no entry.

2. COVID-19 Containment

More and more companies are having to contend with the risks involved in operating during a pandemic. Often, that means being ready to shut down areas for cleaning if an employee that regularly works in the space gets exposed or shows symptoms. Containment tape specifically made for the pandemic can be used to easily set boundaries around the contaminated area, warning cleaning crews to put on PPE before entering while it steers away staff and customers who need to be kept safe.

  • Block doorways
  • Set perimeters
  • Catch attention with bright colors

You can’t be too cautious when it comes to your virus sterilization procedures, so make sure you’ve got the supplies you need. Order barrier tape that sends a message this isn’t just your ordinary access restriction.

3. Caution Tape

Generic caution tape is the go-to resource for boundaries around hazards, and it can be used for everything from accident cleanup to setting a perimeter around a project or construction site. Caution warnings send the clear message that you are entering an area where increased hazards are present, but without the definitive statements made by danger or do not enter signage. That makes this resource perfect for notifying staff or visitors about areas that have not been placed off-limits but that still host riskier activities. Paired with controlled entry/exit points and PPE distribution stations, it can help with traffic control through any restricted areas that still need to allow foot traffic.

Be Prepared for Any Emergency

There are a lot of other options for safety barriers and barricade tapes, so make sure you browse for industry-specific options whenever you’re refilling your supply of these commonly used barricade supplies. Remember, it’s better to have some extra tape on hand than to be caught unprepared when you need to set up a temporary boundary.

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Mohit Tater 2020-10-27 05:22:55

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The post 3 Types of Barricade Tape Most Businesses Need appeared first on Market World.

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