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5 Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

An online casino bonus’s primary purpose is to persuade a punter to either sign-up with a new website or keep wagering on the same site. Online casinos have a lot of competition. The ones hosted in island nations have very few restrictions imposed on them. If you are a beginner gambler and don’t want to risk your hard-earned money at this stage of your career, I would suggest checking out the bonuses mentioned in this post. 

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Here Are the 5 Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

1. Promo Code Bonus

A promo code (or also known as coupon code) is essentially a marketing discount offered by online casinos. These codes serve both beginners and experienced online gamblers. Some websites display the fixed discount promo code on the top bar of the web page, which is basically visible to all. On the other hand, some promo codes are private. If you are interested in sports betting, check out this 1xbet exclusive promo code.

2. Sign-up Bonus

Sign-up bonus (also known as a welcome bonus) is a reward online casinos offer a new player for being a part of the user base. Some sign-up bonuses ask you to deposit a small sum, whereas others are entirely free (discussed later). If you have already begun visiting casino websites, you will see bonuses match up to a certain amount. For instance, if you deposit $100, you will get $100 as a bonus. 

3. No Deposit Bonus

Although the trend of no deposit sign-up bonuses is dying, there are several online casinos still offering this deal to new users. A legit no deposit sign-up bonus is the one that does not ask you to wager on high-stakes games immediately after sign-up. 

Beware of the websites that offer $10 no deposit sign-up bonus and ask you to wager above $100 on one of their games. Ideally, you want to sign-up with reputed and trustworthy sites with a low wagering requirement for a beginner.

4. High Roller Bonus 

High roller” is an old-school term used to describe a gambler who frequently wages on high-value and high-risk deals. Both online and offline gambling involves a lot of risks. Casinos make a lot of money in games like slot machines. 

Hence, to show their appreciation, online casinos offer VIP programs to big-spending players. If this sounds like you, you must contact the customer care representative of the casino site and ask for a VIP bonus.

5. Loyalty Bonus

As you already know, a physical casino offers a lot more than a chance to win money. Gambling is also a recreational activity. It is not uncommon for players to meet and mingle with other like-minded people at a casino. 

Likewise, an offline casino also offers similar perks to players who have stuck with them through thick and thin. Loyal bonus involves discount coupons to restaurants, cafes, and gambling events occurring in your city.


Like every other industry, online casinos aim to expand their user base. To lure players who are serious about making money, casinos have to offer benefits that guarantee their financial safety and security. The concept of bonuses has been around since the early days of gambling, although it has become a lot more sophisticated in current times. 

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Carson Derrow 2020-07-15 16:44:14

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The post 5 Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses appeared first on Market World.

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