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5 Trends In The UK Legal Industry

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, let’s look at what cool computer tools and services solicitors in the UK are using to provide better services and run successful firms, shall we?

While the legal sector has not embraced technology as much as the financial sector, it is still a trendsetter in the world. UK legal firms, especially those in London, are using some cool tools to improve the quality of their services. The top trends in the UK legal industry include:

Legal Practice Management Software

Legal practice management software (LPMS) is a suite of specialised computer services for the effective management of legal practice. The use of LPMS is big in the UK. LPMS is useful in managing appointments, case records, legal billing software, and financial reporting.

While paper-based record-keeping was useful in its day, it was not effective. Clerical errors and missed deadlines are the major causes of legal malpractice. Solicitor software reduces these errors and other difficulties.

It is now easy to keep up with appointments and retrieve records. You can also track performance and comply with statutory requirements. Just make sure you get a user-friendly LPMS. The best LPMS is also compatible with already existing software and provides a wide range of capabilities.

AI and Data Analytics

Machine learning is not useful in the financial and health industry only. Players in the legal field also do a lot of data analysis. Data analysis is useful in studying opposing council strategies, evaluating, and managing important records.

Predictive modelling can be used to get unbiased predictions. Ai digital assistants also have a big presence in conference rooms. They help take accurate notes and sift through volumes of evidence faster.


Hacking and data loss are the two major big threats with computers. When evidence is tempered with, bang goes the case. Legal practitioners are using robust encryption software to safeguard their data. Encryption limits access to the presiding judge and proponent council only. This way, evidence cannot be manipulated.

Cloud storage is also useful in achieving data redundancy too. When one record is lost, it can be retrieved from an offsite server.

Social media and mobile apps

The use of mobile apps is big in the UK legal scene. Be it android or iOS apps. Solicitors are using mobile technology to reach a wider client base.

Social media is also useful in communication. Solicitors are using these tools to schedule appointments. They also use provide updates on court cases via the channels.

Virtual law firms

Online law services have a significantly bigger presence in the UK legal scene. And it’s all thanks to the advancement in mobile and cloud computing. Lawyers now see opportunities for flexibility like never before. Clients can now get assistance from a solicitor anywhere, anytime. Virtual law firms come with low legal fees due to reduced overhead costs.

UK solicitors are increasingly embracing technology to achieve efficiencies in their practice. With the adoption of practice management software, predictive modelling to virtual law firms, expect to see significant changes in the quality of services through the years.

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Carson Derrow 2020-11-30 05:31:10

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The post 5 Trends In The UK Legal Industry appeared first on Market World.

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