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5 Ways to Use a 3D Printer in your Day-to-Day Life

Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you’ve definitely heard of 3D printers and have a basic understanding of how they function. The question is, what is in it for you? The answer might surprise you, as 3D printers have more range than you could have imagined. So let’s dive right in and see what can you achieve with the help of this device even if you don’t own a manufacturing business. 


1. Use it as a learning tool

A 3D printer basically brings engineering, science, and art together, creating fun and colorful objects before your eyes. But we rarely go deep and explore how it actually works. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new and if you have children, they would love to be a part of this fun experiment. If they actually help in assembling the device and choosing the model to print, it might spark interest in 3D printing and STEM fields in general, depending on their age. So this can be an experience you could share and learn together. This device has the potential to teach the basics of chemistry, physics, and engineering while being fun at the same time! Plus, the design software is a bonus learning field as well! 

2. Print household items

You can print so much in a matter of hours if you already know what to do! Broken cabinet handle? No problem, just print yourself a new one! If you want a custom-made phone holder for your car, you can manufacture it yourself! Literally anything within a certain size-range is doable. It comes down to your skills, drive and the quality of the printer itself, of course. Plus, 3D printing at home gives you the imagination boost missing from our every-day lives. Why not dedicate a weekend to making a new configuration of a shoe hanger? Or printing a batman for your nephew’s birthday? As soon as this amazing tool enters your household, there’s no stopping the free-flowing ideas and all the madness!

3. Print home decor

You can also bring some fresh air into the house in the form of new decor. Now it undoubtedly matters how large the printing capacity on the printer is, but you can also make it modularized. Meaning your decor can consist of parts that you later put together. This way you don’t have to set yourself a limit at all! Let your imagination take over and create something truly unique for your house. It will create a great atmosphere and will become a conversation starter at all parties. 

4. Start learning about 3D design

We usually don’t even fully realize how quickly can the tech progress move. Being able to keep up with it is such an invaluable skill. One of the fast-growing branches today is design and 3D design in particular. Having that kind of skill will help you not only to print fun stuff and toys but may become a new profession for you if you actually like the creative component of it. As people living in this ever-changing world, we are often confronted with the necessity to adjust and be flexible. Acquiring a new skill will give you more flexibility and the opportunity to choose rather than to be chosen. 

5. Print souvenirs and merch with your company logo on it

If you have a small business, you know how expensive can the little things get. Having a 3D printer will give you the opportunity to cut back on some of those expenses and get a quality product without leaving the office. You can print things like souvenirs, 3D logos, coasters with your company logo, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. Get your creative cap on and you can come up with so many ideas on how to promote your business using a 3D printer. 

3D printing is on the way to becoming a solid part of our lives for the observable future. So the sooner we get into the game, the better. We have to not only understand the general principles behind the device, but also learn to use it to our advantage.  Regardless of whether you are going to print coasters for your mom, or make Christmas decorations with the kids, having a 3D printer around the house will create an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, that can inspire you to great new projects!

The post 5 Ways to Use a 3D Printer in your Day-to-Day Life appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

Carson Derrow 2020-08-12 07:48:52

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The post 5 Ways to Use a 3D Printer in your Day-to-Day Life appeared first on Market World.

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