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How to increase traffic and signups with fintech product?

Hi, I am working on a financial startup that helps users save for a down payment on a house faster. We have built out a product and are trying to get users. Given that our target audience (first-time homebuyers) tend to be younger (20s and 30s), we've been running Reddit and Instagram ads. They seem to be clicking through as we are getting traffic, but we are struggling to get signups.

First question: How do we get more signups? Here is the homepage:, any feedback would be much appreciated. Clearly we're getting people to get to our page, but what's on that page isn't enough to get them to create an account.

Second question: How do we get more traffic? Buying ads as the only way to get users doesn't sound sustainable (or is it? I'm not an expert in this but would definitely like to learn more), what are other channels to acquire users? We've created a referral link and are holding customer interviews to understand why they are/aren't being shared.

Any other insights are much appreciated, sorry for the noob post, I'm a total beginner to marketing and would really appreciate any and all feedback!

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/u/TopBrick5890 2020-11-20 20:50:47

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