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Pick-Me-Ups: News and Notes from the Yankee Editors

Judging by the stories we still tell about the Blizzard of ’78, New England prides itself on bearing up and hunkering down. However, the events of recent weeks are challenging even the hardiest, most independent among us to find new sources of strength and comfort. We here at Yankee hope this new weekly collection can help provide that to our audience, no matter where they live.

Neil Diamond tweaks the lyrics of Red Sox anthem “Sweet Caroline” to create a handwashing PSA you can hum along to.

Pick-Me-Ups: News and Notes from the Yankee Editors

This week, the 150-year-old Cog Railway came to the rescue of a hiker on Mount Washington.

Mark Fleming

From This Week’s News

These gathered tidbits of good news are a celebration of our individual communities — the ones in sprawling cities as well as tiny hamlets, all across the country — and our collective determination to see each other through this difficult time.

The new season of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters gave senior digital editor Aimee Tucker a welcome dose of cooking inspiration (and also features the return of two terrific New England contestants, including award-winning super-chef Karen Akunowicz of Boston).

Matt Kurkowski

From Person to Person

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting questions for the Yankee community about what’s going on in their lives. To get the stories started, we asked some Yankee staffers: What have you watched, read, or listened to that’s brightened your week?

“Not only did the new season of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters give me a welcome dose of cooking inspiration, it also features the return of two terrific New England contestants: private chef Stephanie Cmar and award-winning super-chef Karen Akunowicz, both of Boston. (Readers may remember Akunowicz from last year’s ‘Food Town Showdown’ package.)” —Aimee Tucker, senior digital editor

“There was a funny piece on McSweeney’s — ‘Effective Immediately: We Are Closing Our Homeschool’ — that definitely made me laugh and was so needed when the news feels so bleak. I’ve been remote-parenting while my two daughters remote-learn, but that all changes for me when I join the masses and start remote-working this week. I’m hopeful for at least one or two days of blissful coexistence before it all falls apart!”—Heather Marcus, photo editor

“The poem ‘Instructions on Not Giving Up’ by Ada Limón has served as a gentle reminder of the way the world continues to turn. Besides that, I’m largely subsisting on Spotify playlists. Playlists for cooking, playlists for crying, playlists for dancing around the house.” —Katherine Keenan, associate digital editor

“Netflix’s second season of Narcos: Mexico. You might not think the inner world of the early cocaine trade would provide much relief from the news, but you’d be wrong. I plowed through all 10 episodes in just a few days, and then, suddenly, had to say to good-bye to my friends Pancho, Felix, and DEA Agent Walt (much to the happiness of my real friends and family). —Ian Aldrich, deputy editor

Until Next Week…

We’ll be back next week with another care package of news and notes, so until then—

Take heart, be well, and happy reading.

Your friends at Yankee

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