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SidesMedia Review: Can it Help You Grow Your Social Media?

There’s a lot of people trying to get more followers on social media these days, that’s a fact. It can take such a long time to grow things manually that it can be discouraging. The good news is that there are some tools out there that can help you so you don’t have to go it alone. 

Instead of spending hours on different social media platforms every day trying to grow your followers and engagement, working with a company to buy them can be a great way to get the boost you’re looking for. 

When you buy followers and engagement for social media, you help to give yourself more social proof, which brings you more followers and engagement over time— it creates a cycle of growth. 


This is really valuable for anyone who has hit a roadblock, who is just beginning their social media journey, or wants to close the gap to hit their goal. In any case, buying followers and engagements can help grow your social media for a long time to come. 

Are all companies trustworthy and good options? Not really, and that’s the true downside— there are a lot of shady companies out there who just want to make a quick buck and provide little to actually help you. 

You’ve got to read reviews and check out what people are saying out there about different services; we’re bringing you our review of SidesMedia today so that you can check them out and see if you think they’re a good option for you. 

We love what they have to offer and think that they are different from a lot of companies out there— let’s see what you think. 

SidesMedia Review: How it Works 

The first thing we want to discuss is how SidesMedia works. SidesMedia has been around for years providing growth for social media networks; they’ve since expanded to offer growth packages for 8 different social media platforms, helping you build a cross-platform presence. 

Another great thing about SidesMedia is that they provide real followers and engagement only— no fakes or bots. They have developed a large network of thousands of users that work to provide their clients with real followers, views, plays, likes, and more. 

This is one of the best things about the service because it’s rare that a company will be able to offer something like that— a lot of companies only offer fake accounts that really end up hurting you in the end or just falling off of your account completely. 

Basically, when you buy from SidesMedia, you’re getting real quality for competitive prices and the process is so simple. You choose the type of package you want, complete the checkout, and your order will be on its way. We love that. 

SidesMedia Review: Pros and Cons  

Now that we know more about the service, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 

Pro: Safe and Secure

SidesMedia uses SSL security encryption so you don’t have to worry about the website putting you in danger; they also use a secure payment gateway so your financial information is completely protected. 

To keep your social media networks in compliance with the terms of use, they offer a natural delivery that drips in your followers or engagements over the course of a few days. That way you won’t be getting hundreds or thousands of followers/engagements all at once. 

Pro: Many Packages 

There is such a wide variety of packages and options that SidesMedia offers its clients so you can really make some headway in your cross-platform reputation and authority. We’ll dive into the packages available in the next section. 

Pro: Affordable Value 

The pricing options that SidesMedia offers is pretty much unbeatable; they not only offer real social media followers, likes, shares, viewers, and more, but they offer them at a price that won’t break the bank or take advantage of their clients. That’s a huge plus. 

Con: No Service for Instagram or Facebook 

IG and FB are two of the most popular social media networks, but they’re also some of the hardest to work with. SidesMedia is still working on offering services that will work with Instagram and Facebook in terms of their algorithm and keep their clients safe. Hopefully they’ll offer them soon. 

SidesMedia Review: Networks and Plans 

As we mentioned, you can grow 8 different social media networks with SidesMedia. They offer 24/7 support as well as a detailed FAQ for all of their plans and services. These are the networks you can grow with them: 

  • TikTok: followers, likes, views — starting at $0.50 
  • YouTube: views, subscribers, likes, shares — starting at $17
  • Pinterest: followers — starting at $29
  • Twitter: organic, fully-managed growth service — starting at $49 
  • Twitch: viewers, video views, followers — starting at $3
  • SoundCloud: plays, followers — starting at $2.50 
  • LinkedIn: company followers, connections — starting at $6
  • Spotify: monthly listeners, song plays, playlist followers, artist followers — starting at $3

You can select how many you’d like and the numbers range from hundreds to thousands depending on what you need. They’re one-time purchases (save for the Twitter growth service), so you don’t have to deal with any recurring payments. You buy when you want.  

SidesMedia really caters to their clients and gives them so many choices. 

Is SidesMedia Real? 

SidesMedia is 100% real and their website offers a lot of information to help back that up. They’ve also got thousands of clients that have vouched for their services and loved how much it helped their social media growth. 

It’s really refreshing to see a company like SidesMedia that offers users something of value and cares about their clients’ success and results. 

SidesMedia Review Conclusion 

If you need a hand with your social media growth, there are many companies that won’t work for you. SidesMedia loves their clients and thrives on their success— they are definitely a trustworthy option that can bring you the social media boost you’re looking for. 

Check them out today and get things moving on your social media networks!

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The post SidesMedia Review: Can it Help You Grow Your Social Media? appeared first on Market World.

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