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What to Look for in a used Fabrication Machine

Used equipment can offer better value for money than a brand new equivalent, but there are a few more caveats that come with buying second hand which you need to keep in mind.

To steer you through the tricky process of finding the right used fabrication machine, here are some appealing assets that you should look for in any prospective model.

fabrication machinery

Establish the operating history

Whatever the make and model of the equipment in question, wear and tear is inevitable, and the more use it has seen the greater the likelihood that flaws and foibles will be revealed.

Likewise there are some machines that are better equipped to handle endless hours of repetitive work than others, so knowing the number of operating hours that a used example has under its belt is essential.

It is worth pointing out that even if a machine has been used for thousands of hours, this is not necessarily a bad sign; you just need to balance this against the asking price, the amount of maintenance it has received and the comparative cost of a newer counterpart.

Using sites like to find the best second hand fabrication assemblies, complete with all the details of operating history and performance potential, will let you sort through your options and also get a sense of the market, so you can make an informed decision.

Pinpoint signs of damage

You might be happy to buy a used machine without seeing it in person if the price is right, but this is not recommended and if you cannot inspect it yourself, sending out an experienced specialist to do this in your stead makes sense.

Be wary of any sellers who are unwilling to let you get hands-on with their kit, since this could hint at underlying issues they want to disguise. Equally do not be fooled by a fresh coat of paint, as you need to be wary of things like expensive rust build-up, hairline cracks and other signs of wear that are more problematic than a few superficial scuffs and dings to the exterior.

Consider the software

Some more modern types of fabrication machinery may require the use of specific software in order to operate effectively.

It is possible that this software has its own licensing agreement that needs to either be transferred to the new owner, or re-purchased or subscribed to on an ongoing basis, depending on the manufacturer. Whatever the case, knowing this in advance will let you establish if there are any other additional costs to calculate as part of your budget.

Check seller reputation

While you can buy used machinery privately, it is generally better to opt to work with an intermediary to avoid running into complications during this process.

The aforementioned marketplaces that exist online give you that added peace of mind and mean that you should be less likely to get stung, and also have the recourse to remedy any issues which do arise after a transaction has been completed.

Keep your wits about you, consider all your options and know your needs inside out if you want to buy used fabrication machinery without the stress.

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Carson Derrow 2020-10-13 09:09:29

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The post What to Look for in a used Fabrication Machine appeared first on Market World.

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