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Downtown LA Is Attracting A Whole New Generation of Businesses

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Downtown has been known for its architectural masterpieces, iconic buildings, and landmarks. The trendiest district of LA is gearing up to attract the best generation of entrepreneurs and bring a fresh lease of air to the startup ecosystem. Known for its fun and lively environment, it is making a space for offices to encourage the younger generation to come up with innovative ideas, and build businesses. 

LA has been the hub of films, culture, music, and entertainment. With the new makeover planned for Downtown, the next-gen has a lot to serve on the silver platter of fulfilling theirs and seeing them through fruition. The whole idea is to bring fun and business together to boost the morale, productivity, and happiness quotient working on building businesses.

Have Fun Working Towards Your Dreams

To have the best 20-somethings work for your company, and get the best talent of the next-gen, Downtown is creating a plan to have a whole new set of businesses in its arena. Those working for tech companies or startups prefer to live and work in an urban area where they can connect with the city’s delights, build valuable connections, and brainstorm futuristic goals with like-minded crowds. 

The idea is to provide a business-friendly environment that attracts the younger generation to enjoy working in the trendiest district of LA. Most of the top tech companies are moving downtown to attract the best crowd to work with them. Companies are trying to create a culture that is suitable for a younger crowd to encourage them to come up with innovative ideas and put their best foot forward. 

Work Culture and Personal Development

Most of the companies focus not only on building a work culture that is conducive to attracting the best of employees but also has programs that foster the personal growth of their employees. The idea is not finding the best recruits but creating a community that works, has fun, and grows together. 

Gen Y needs more than a job that pays them well. They need people, community, and a sense of belonging that they can connect with, and work towards a common goal. The flexibility and the candid culture of most of the tech companies have been a hallmark in creating a work culture that diminishes attrition rate and retains employees for longer periods. 

Independance, Trends, Futuristic

Gen Y is all about freedom; freedom of speech, thought, expression. Downtown gives all that the Gen Y dreams of for an office and the culture they will be cradled in. The entire outlook of office culture has evolved over a long period of time. It is no longer a 9 to 5 job with a stringent code of conduct to follow. With this decision, the best of the younger lot have a platform to have their creative juices flowing, unleash their imagination, and create ideas that generate revenue, value, and wonder for the company. 


Downtown’s decision to have offices in its space could turn out to be a wonderful thing to look forward to and the businesses it brings in time to come. New businesses attract new customers and create a unique culture to thrive in. 

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Mohit Tater 2021-01-21 06:33:15

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The post Downtown LA Is Attracting A Whole New Generation of Businesses appeared first on Market World.

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