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The Industries Every Entrepreneur Should Be Looking At Right Now

The global pandemic has meant that many businesses and many industries have taken a serious hit during the past few months. For some, they may never return while others will be battling hard to see it through and come out of it intact.

For entrepreneurs, the challenges are huge. But if there’s one thing an entrepreneur loves, it’s a challenge.

Business strategy

What they are doing today is seeking out the industries that are either thriving or about to be so, and there are plenty still doing that.

But what are the industries entrepreneurs should be looking towards for the rest of the pandemic and throughout 2021? 

Online Gambling

Most thriving industries have been online, and one that is certainly thriving currently is online gambling. The rise in players has been phenomenal in online casinos and bingo, while even sportsbooks have been revitalised since the return of the likes of the Premier League.

It initially proved a difficult time with sport postponed until further notice, but with elite events back underway, brands are really capitalising.

We’re seeing more offers than ever before as gambling brands look to seek your custom, Many comparison sites such as The Bookies Offers are welcoming more fans than ever as they list all new no deposit bonuses, which are being lapped up in the thousands.

Where entrepreneurs come in though is the fact that technology is continually evolving betting and casino, and new features are forever changing the game. For an entrepreneur, finding the next big thing in betting or online casino is potentially worth millions, and its an industry that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Gifts & Occasions

Another industry that has done well, particularly online is gifts and occasions, and the home delivery of them. 

As people find it more difficult than ever to see loved ones, days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and of course Christmas will see more online purchases than ever before as people look to show their loved ones they are thinking of them through the post.

Orders and referrals in the gift sector have been up significantly over the past seven months, with some companies charting 245% increases in orders year on year.

Even small stores on the likes of Etsy are seeing large growth and it’s an industry that is well worth getting involved in over the coming months, particularly as consumers get used to the idea that they can just purchase and send online. It’s fast becoming the new normal and can be very lucrative indeed.

Home & Garden

The DIY boom continues and at the beginning of April, order volumes were up 55% year on year. That has continued across the summer and peaked at 321% up during the heatwave of April.

As we now move into winter, internal renovations will be rife as we look to improve the place we are spending significantly more time in.

That’s going to continue into 2021 and DIY businesses, home improvement ideas and even art shops and fixture shops online are continuing to do well. 

For an entrepreneur it’s how that process can be made more efficient, and while that isn’t an easy task, it’s one that could be a real game changer for consumers.

The likes of Etsy have been particularly popular for people looking to redecorate, as people also look to support local and independent traders during what is difficult times for them. That’s to carry on into the new year, with more and more entrepreneurs looking to start craft businesses of their own, with many even retiring from their more traditional roles.

The post The Industries Every Entrepreneur Should Be Looking At Right Now appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

Carson Derrow 2020-10-27 11:17:49

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The post The Industries Every Entrepreneur Should Be Looking At Right Now appeared first on Market World.

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